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Thursday, July 30, 2009


My sister, my mum, my friend and her son went to Mallorca this summer and their pictures have to be here. I see you guys had a lot of fun in Spain. I wish we could be with you but maybe some other time in the future. For now HOLA MALLORCA from California.

here are two nice pictures:

my mum, friend Natasa and our buddy Blaz

my sister Beri and friend Natasa

Monday, July 27, 2009


People that know me and spend time with me know that I use a frase My People a lot. I call people closest to me like that.

My husband Gustavo, my sister Beri, my mum Rosanda, my dad Dzoni, my grandparents Joze and Barbara, my other grandma Terezija, Anja and Dada, Jasna, Natasa nad my buddy Blaz, my husbands family - his mum, his sisters and brothers and expecially kids. All of my wonderful friends around the world - Karmen, Darja, Tina, Monika, Sabina, Spela, Valentina, Ana, Sasa, Bojana, Maja, Erika, Hana, Stojanka, Majda, Dare, Stojan, Andrej, Lara.... and many many others that are a big part of my life.

All the online friends too like Jenny, Tereza, Ter, Rosa, Rebecca,..... and even famous people like David Ferrer

I didn't write all the names because it would never stop but this BLOG is for all of you . I will try to write few words about my people and add some pictures. I live away from my family and most of my friends right now since i move to California for my Love so blogging about My People will conect me with them.

MY PEOPLE - all of you are really important for me.

sending hugs for all of you from sunny and really hot California